3 Tips For Virtual Lessons

August 17, 2020 | Author: Hannah Neff

COVID has impacted our world, and we all have to make adjustments accordingly to stop the spread of the virus. Our ability to travel and clinic has been greatly limited, making virtual lessons the perfect solution.

Two years ago my mom purchased the PIXEM Virtual Training System. We excitedly set it up and prepared for my first virtual lesson. Expecting a fantastic first experience it was epically frustrating when it failed. The robot would wing around the arena without tracking and the live stream would freeze after about two minutes. My mom tried tweaking, shifting, connecting, and whatever else we could think of trying. I had given up hope about this grand idea.

While I had lost hope, my mom was adamant that it would work. She took the box and sent it to Cantle Tech. They fixed it and installed the new iPhone app with live stream ability. We got on FaceTime with Jayme from Cantle Tech and had a logistical analysis on how to set up the beacons. Guess what?! The beacons are radio beacons, which means they will bounce off mirrors and metal (all of which we have a lot of).

Our first successful lesson was an exciting day! Currently, when I am in Michigan, we do two virtual lessons per week with top-level instructors.

Here are my top 3 tips for great virtual lessons:

  • Bose SoundSport headphones works the best for noise canceling and simplicity.
  • Beacon placement on plastic cavaletti blocks in the corner, below the kickboards and mirrors.
  • Lighting – Experiment with the lighting and time of day in the indoor. Get feedback from your teacher. We found shutting the furthest arena door and turning only the lights over the camera on were ideal. Otherwise, you look like you're riding in a fishbowl.

As my mom showed me that a little patience and some guidance really pay off in the end. Virtual lessons, though frustrating in the beginning, have become a blessing to have during this pandemic.